Welcome in China!


Welcome in China!


There are many things that I like about Asia, one of them is the vast complexity of this continent that I am learning to love and starting to get to know.

While South East Asia is fascinating for its equatorial temperature, the sea, the jungle, and its colors, the rest of the continent is still a bit unknown to me but I’m sure it won’t be for much longer.


Old town, Wenzhou

Singapore is a bit of a world in itself, a washed down version of Asia so to speak … while China, China is truly the representative of Asia.


Walking around China…

Woman cleaning bean sprouts, China

In this country, you can see the differences and the true separation between ancient culture and modern architecture.

Clothing shop, Hangzhou

From the skyscraper you pass to the temples a few steps away, and from the mega department stores to the shacks that sell only bolts or ventoline.

Clock and watch shop, Wenzhou


This is China, a shamelessly communist country where the scythe and the hammer are a constant decoration and where luxury is confronted to poverty without any limits.

Express way, China

A country where speed governs sovereign and the logo is king, but where still today there is not enough creativity or ingenuity.

That’s why maybe I like it because here you are seen as a precious good, as a unique and rare knowledge, here there is no categorical NO and respect comes before anything else.



I am seeing so many cultural differences far from our upbringing and from our way of thinking, what we learn here every day is incredible

Woman, Wenzhou

If only our country was more open to “listening” to the rest of the world … from here Italy is so small, who knows that in one day even the average Italian is going to understand that pizza and mandolins are not enough anymore if so that would be already a big step forward!

Wenzhou, China


And this is just our first trip together in this amazing country, thanks to

Marco Polo Innovation for this amazing experience, see you soon!

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