Verrès Castle


It’s been 4 years since my last article about Issogne Castle,

and I’m so happy to have chance to continue to write about Valle d’Aosta Castles.

I suffered a lot in the past 18 months as I was stuck in Singapore far from my family and my country. Espescialy this place where I spent most of my childhood.


Valle d’Aosta Castles

Verrès Castle

Valle d’Aosta is known for its castles: towers, fortresses and rich residences are part of the Valle d’Aosta landscape giving it a fairytale effect.

Visiting these castles is possible and is certainly a unique experience. In the winter season they are surrounded by the white mantle of snow and in the summer by flowery meadows and green mountains.

My favorite season in the valley is definitely autumn where you can find landscapes colored in gold and all shades of red. This region is waiting to be discovered and has a very rich and very fascinating history.

Furthermore, the monuments still present belong to different historical periods so it is even more interesting to see the changes over the course of their history.

Verrès Castle

Verrès Castle

Why Verrès Castle?

I decided to start my summer trip from this castle because it is “mine”.

You should know that to get to Champoluc you leave the motorway at Verrès and take a single road to go up to the town.

They are all bends and above all the first part enjoys an incredible view of the valley. And it is precisely there that you can admire this imposing medieval castle, one of the few still perfectly intact I would say dating back to this era. For me, the Castle of Verrès is the image of my holidays spent in the valley since I was born. It means arriving home or leaving. The end of school or its beginning. The end of a season and the beginning of a new one. I have seen this imposing cube of 30 meters per side in all seasons, with the starry sky, with the sun, with the snow, with the magical colors of autumn.


Many things have changed in my life, I have changed too, but he has always remained there, waiting for me.


Verrès Castle, the history

Verrès Castle


The Castle of Verrès as mentioned above enjoys an optimal position but despite this it has never been the object of attack in any war. Furthermore, its “warlike” image is a bit deceptive as it does not lack interesting decorative details. If you decide to visit this wonderful structure I suggest you opt for the guided tour because you can discover very interesting scenarios on its history.

In 1372 the fiefdom was entrusted to Ibleto di Challant who was succeeded in 1409 by his son Francesco. Since the latter was childless, his daughter Caterina fought against the laws of the time to have jurisdiction despite being female. Although the castle was entrusted to her cousin because he was male, still today the courage and determination of Caterina resound in the streets of the historic village where in 1449 on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Trinity she went down to dance with her people. Till now the courage of Caterina is still  remembered during the Verrezziese carnival:

“Vive Introd et Madame de Challant!”.


Post written in collaboration with Regione autonoma Valle d’Aosta

For infos and reservations call the Castle 0125 929067


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