Travelling yes, but with a green and safety matters!


Travelling yes, but with a green and safety matters!

If we travel out of the Country we can see how in Europe we are a step behind the rest of the world in Transportation. Quite often we receive informations later and our environment is always paying for this.

Milano, Palestro underground station

Thanks to my experience abroad, specially in Asia, I’m learning a lot regarding ecosustainability and green mobility. Singapore is a smart city and definetly has a green direction!



I lived many years also in Milan, and I love walking  in the street If I can.

Milan like many other cities is doing its best to create the perfect network to let people move in the city with public transportations. Anyway, my first choice is always walking because it is better for ourselves and reduce stress!

Singapore, design district

That’s why quite often I have a walk during the day or after dinner!

Bicycle and scooter

When I was in Milan I was cycling a lot special during university. It was faster and my home was quite near the University. But how many I lost! In Milan it’s quite frequent that bicycles disappear unfortunately!

Bicycling in Milan is also a trend: it is easy, ecofriendly… ! But for safety point of view don’t forget remember that you are smallest in the traffic among the cars: you must pay attention and drive safely!

Genova, Piazza Carignano

In Asia and other countries there’s not only a chance to rent a bicycle,but also  a scooter. The electric scooter is the prefect merge between design and technology, it’s comfy and faster!


The bus

Buses are always the best choice in the city specially If it’s raining because you can’t go with the bicycle or the scooter!

Many countries are chosing electric buses which are the best choice for a green mobility.

Bus, Singapore

Many public transportations are also adopting different new technology: Hydrogen is one of these. In Bolzano, north of Italy side, they just celebrated the new Hydrogen H2 production plant and from this, it is born a new public hydrogen powered transportation network.

This is a real revolution in terms of transportation!

Auto a Idrogeno

At the moment the first country for the production of hydrogen powered vehicles is Japan. But in Europe we are also keen for this new way, so it’s not to bad!



Cars are always very dangerous for us due to accident and high pollution.

Likely I reduced a lot this kind of transportation.Today in many countries it’s possible to rent a car so you can reduce pollution.

Milano Sempione, Car2Go

Renting a car is more safe.Usually they are brandnew, and often chequed. With this choice you have a new car, you reduce pollution and also, you don’t waste time looking for a park!There’s also another good choice which is car pooling: it’s not so famous yet in Europe but it is starting solution !


Train or Airplane?

Recently, I found out that train are good for green mobility. But If you have to move far away from your country the only way is the airplane. This solution is the worst for our enviroment! Modern train are fed by renewable energies, unfortunately is not the same for airplanes.

Abu Dhabi international airport

Since I know that, I don’t like travel with airplane so much. But unfortunately at the moment there’s no other green choice!

Changi airport, Singapore


Our future

Maybe when all energy will be renewable for mobility, we’ll have a real revolution in terms of transportation. If one day all our transport can be fed by electric renewable energy, the pollution will be reduce notably!

parcheggio Bikemi, Piazza del Duomo, Milano

Today, we all move in different ways and with different kind of transport, traditional transport and alternative, sustainable. Sustainable transportations are improving their network in many countries and this is a very good news!

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