To all the travelling mothers…


To all the travelling mothers…

I have always loved traveling in my life and if there is one thing I have always believed is that travelling is very different from  vacation.
For me going on holiday is going to the beach, sunbed, umbrella and a juice of orange. Travelling is something else. Travelling is making a backpack, leaving with little weight to have a light heart and ready to welcome new cultures, new foods, sunsets, horizons.
Travelling is tiring and not for everyone. Traveling is not going on vacation and travelling for me means today“”working . In my life I have always travelled and living in Italy as a freelance even when Alma was born I immediately started travelling again.

Being a travel mom

Arab street, Singapore


The moms, the ones who never left their town, the ones who sleep with their kids and the husband maybe ends up on the couch, moms who are the shadow of their children because maybe I don’t know who they are yet and what they would like to do when they grow up?! I don’t know, I don’t judge them, I am simply different and I can only tell you that travelling when you have children requires a lot of courage.Nobody asks how you are but we mothers who travel every day to places more or less far from home know what it means.Because it also happens to live beautiful things and to think “Oh shit she’s not here, she’s not here with me”
It happens to talk about your baby to foreign people and to realize that while you’re talking about it and you’re 10,000 kilometers from home, you get a little big tear.


Changi Airport, Singapore

And now I have to go out. I have always had a great fear of flying, but it is such my curiosity and desire to arrive“from the other side” that I have always flown the same. I prepare days before I do autogenous training exercises, seriously.I try to organize well in the mind  with readings, work, movies and sleep hours. I plan everything to get the travel situation under control. But to this my fear that I have always had since I am mom has added another one. I leave, I go, and if anything happens?!

Coming back..

And then you come back, and when you come back even after a few days she’s changed, she’s grown up!
I have too many things to say about this matter, but only those who make this kind of life can understand my point of view, and only one thing I can tell you: travelling for work is not like going on vacation, do not judge by appearances because each of us does his best and
the right mothers do not exist, we all have a single purpose: to do our best for our children!
To all the moms that every day takes a train, a plane, a boat, a bike, a bus, a ferry or make a long walk to go to work, my thought today goes to all of US!
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