Singapore Botanic Garden


Singapore Botanic Garden

I dont know if it’s the same for you but everytime I go to a new place usually I’ll remember the first thing I see.

It is like entering in a museum: it will be the first painting which you will remember longer.

I don’t want to say that the rest is nothing but I think it is normal to focus on something giving us a strong feeling and emotion.

Ok, then, regarding my visit at the Botanic Garden I can say that the first thing impressed me was a squirrel who did cut our way running fast with it’s lovely fatty bum.

After this funny situation we did enter in the garden and I was impressed about these big trees and big leaves. This garden contains specialist plant collections such as cacti and other succulent plants, herb gardens, plants from particular parts of the world, and so on;

The best thing is that this amazing garden is in the middle of the town easyly reachable with local trasportation

It is full of kids wth family playing all around this amazing place which is totally clean and with a perfect balance betwwen nature and humans.


Beside Orchid Garden where you need to pay a ticket for the visit (5 sgd), the rest of the garden is free and open to everyone till midnight evryday!

This is a clear example and perfect model where nature & people can enjoy the space together with totally respect.

The structure

Botanic Garden is a botanic park with 74 hectar in the middle of Singapore.It is open and free everyday from 5am to midnight.

The Garden is composed by different areas, I will list what it has impressed me more.


The Symphony Lake

The Botanic Gardens has three lakes, namely Symphony Lake, Eco-Lake and Swan Lake. The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on Symphony Lake occasionally has free concerts on weekends. This is an amazing location where you can feel a magic atmosphere.


Ginger garden

Located next to the National Orchid Garden, this one-hectare garden brings together members of the Zingiberaceae family. The garden houses a restaurant called Halia Restaurant. There is also a drop-off point along Tyersall Avenue as well as a waterfall. The garden was officially opened in 2003 and it took over the spot vacated by the previous Orchid Enclosure.


National Orchid Garden

Since 1859, orchids have been closely associated with the Gardens. The products of the Gardens’ orchid breeding programme, which began in 1928, deserve a place where they can be displayed in their full splendour. The very design of these orchids is, one could say, ‘hand-crafted’ by the Gardens’ horticultural staff, dedicated to bringing out the finest in any hybrid cross.


With over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display, the splendour of these gorgeous blooms is absolutely a sight to behold at the National Orchid Garden.

For me this is the best place of Botanic Garden, I wont spend many words to describe it because I want you to go and have this amazing suprise feeling i had.

The colours and the parfumes you can feel are difficult to describe,better do not try t do it and keep it inside you like something special.


Singapore Botanic Gardens is the first tropical, and only the third botanic gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage listing. The honour was widely noted as a fitting tribute to the nation’s 50th year of independence.


Singapore Botanic Gardens



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