Renariz: conscious and sustainable fashion


Renariz: conscious and sustainable fashion


My baby Alma has signed a capsule collection with Renariz, a unique brand founded on eco-friendly values.

Who is Renariz?

Renariz is a brand based on ethics and sustainable development. The project was born from a team of professional psychologists who after years of experience felt the need to create a brand that had the purpose of communicating a philosophy of re-humanization of fashion and above all of the people who wear it.

A little more about me

Ever since I was born I have been immersed in the world of fashion, my grandmothers were seamstresses and my aunts had a company that for years has been riding the wave of fashion the real one. A fashion that knew no crisis and that lived on the benefits of a society that was well and that allowed itself luxuries that not everyone can afford today.

I grew up in the showroom close to my house among cashmere rocks and silk blouses with French laces, my grandmothers Maria and Tina (from which I took the name Martina) they taught me with extreme simplicity how good it was to learn to create unique things for themselves or for others and how important it was to be able to customize trousers or a simple shirt to stand out. With them I started to personalize my school bags, backpacks, even notebooks for which we created fabric covers together with cheerful and sometimes bizarre embroideries!


I still remember the smell of cashmere being worked, the piles of colored threads on the floor and the buttons that slipped into the most unexpected hiding places, with my child’s fingers, I skillfully learnt to recover them because I needed them for my small creations.

And then my Barbies came out to go to the park with me in very stylish cashmere coats and my stuffed animals had warm hats and sweaters to face the cold of winter.


Today I can say that I worked in the fashion industry for fifteen years bringing with me the manual skills and creativity that my family handed down to me with simple gestures and a lot of love.

With Renariz, I finally had the opportunity to use years of international experience to create a unique product in all respects.



We chose to start with black and white t-shirts because it is the garment par excellence present in each person’s wardrobe. And not only that, we took care to think of a packaging that was reusable, no plastic and that could carry all the characteristics of the brand.

And so, here in a convenient and practical clutch bag we have inserted a shirt without a paper label or any plastic packaging!


When Renariz asked me to help her on this project, we shared the desire to create a fashionable product that would respect the environment and also the skin of the wearer!

The world is moving towards an increasingly conscious direction and for a long time now, even with Brandnew Promoter, we are moving with responsibility towards our mother earth.


Renariz immediately agreed with this philosophy as the project is based on a desire to re-humanize fashion and people. Certainly shirts aren’t enough, this is a symbolic project that wants to understand how important it is to know what we wear but above all which philosophy we believe in when we also wear a simple shirt.

We live in a world where the outward appearance comes first and foremost, and this project aims to make people aware of various issues, first and foremost the value of time that is increasingly losing out and judgment towards those who do not reflect certain canons of beauty like those who are underweight or those who weigh a little more than the media models that are constantly being offered to us in an insistent manner.


“To remember that people who do not accept others do not accept themselves.”


If you also feel the need to pass on these values, don’t waste time, click


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