Magic Ibiza


When it’s time to leave you never know where you’re going exactly and what can happen.

There’s too many variables that even If you plan everything there’s always some chance that something goes in a different way. But even unexpected things could happen!

As it was for last trip in Ibiza.

Eivissa, is well known for its beach events and for its cool nightlife. But Ibiza its not only clubbing its a magic island to discover.

Ibiza its magic for its air, its sunset and sunrise, and for all the many places to find out that are not known for the many!

Ibiza, l’Isla Blanca

On this island you can drive in small curvy street on the rock of the sea, close to olive groves, almond trees and flocks of sheep.

There’s not only tourist places but there’s another Ibiza plenty of countryside traditions.

If you take one of the small road you can find, you’ll see emotional scenarious: flowery meadows, pines that smell of sea, shepherds taht take a rest in the shadows of a tree while their sheeps run free under the spring sun, villages sourronded of a sweet silence where that small houses seems sparkly gems under the sky.

Pure poetry.

We did choose to stay in a small village in the north island, Sant Miquel. It’s a very quite area and at the end of May we met only few people and a perfect climate.

From Port San Miquel we rent a car and we drove for few days to see differnet beaches and villages like Sant’Eulalia del Rio and Santa Gertrudis.


Hippy Market

Ibiza has very strong artistic traditions.At the beginning of 60 artigan,designers and painters were coming here to have a freedom way of espression. Today you can feel this atmosfere  thanks to the local market aroung the island where you can buy fabric jewellery and artigianal products.

During summer time close to Sant’Eulalia at “Es Caná”, there’s the famous Hippy Market,  it was amazing to have shopping there between colourful stalls with product from all the world.

The hippy Market is develop in different areas, there’s also the food court and the kids corner, the stalls covers all the areas also in the small street in beteween the bungalows.

The main feature of this market is that all the products come from different part of the world, and most of them are handmade.

I can’t explain with simple words the feeling when I saw such marvellous things all together. Choose what to buy it wasn’t so easy!

Es Vedrà, myths and legends

If you visit Ibiza you can’t miss sunrise at Cala d’Hort, just in front Es Vedrà island that has a really magic history!

In all Ibiza, Es Vedrà is definetly the most suggestive place.

It looks like this place is the third magnetic field on earth, after north pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Actually it seems to be one of the most important magnetic field. Here, birds and compass get loss completely because of the presence on the island of such metals and minerals that interfere with this kind of instruments.


As the myths tells,  Es Vedrà it was also the house of mermaids and nymohs that Ulisses mets during his Odyssey.

But the last but not least legends about Es Vedrà tells that this small islend that seems a dragon in the sea, is just a rest of Atlantis but there’s no certain proof about this. That’s why Es Vedrà is such a mystery in Ibiza.

Sit on the dock in front the bay and watch the sunset in total silence it’s such a good feeling, I’m sure you have to try it once!

It’s unuseful to say that this trip was amazing, I’m sure it was the best birthday present I ever had (because it was) that’s was this kind of sunset will ever have a special place in my heart.


This is us, this picture was taken by Alma (as you can see from the small feet on the bottom of the picture).





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