Jewel Changi: where nature meets retail


Rain Vortex at Jewel

I have been travelling for so many years now, and after living in Dubai I confess that after the ski slope in the Mall of Emirates I can hardly be surprised. But here in Singapore I can!  Obviously discover this “jewel” brand new was the first thing I wanted to do when I first landed on Singapore soil last month.


HSBC Rain Vortex

Destination of the year, with its 40 meters high, Rain Vortex is the world’s largest indoor fountain. Not only that, if you are lucky enough to admire it at night, you will enjoy an incredible spectacle of sounds and lights. From today for the next 5 years the fountain will be in partnership with HSBC.

Jewel, Changi Airport

The Jewel shopping center of Changi has been developed in circular form, around the area of the fountain, and this allows visitors to look at it from different heights and from different strategic observation points.

HSBC Rain Vortex, Changi Airport



Jewel Changi Airport

14000 sqm of shopping surrounded by nature where boutiques, gardens, restaurants are united in a perfect ecosystem. Jewel was designed to create a real “experience” for his visitors who leave in them an indelible memory.

HSBC Rain Vortex, Changi Airport

Sky nets, Canopy mazes and Discovery slides are Jewel’s 3 “moments”.
Thanks to this huge project the airport of changi becomes a real experiential jewel in the heart of Asia offering its visitors a world-class lifestyle destination by further connecting people by air, by land and sea. Through this project Singapore manages to connect in different ways its visitors who travel are absolutely willing to different types of connections.
In this way by changi airport also the smallest island as Bintan or the Batam islands are reachable.

Airplanes, ferries, buses or trains… Today in Singapore everything is possible!

Jewel Changi, where nature and shopping becomes one thing


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