Introd Animal Park, for a true experince in the nature!


The importance of having experiences with animals


I have decided to write this article in a different way. I think it is useless to tell you about how beautiful this park is, the photos speak for themselves!

The theme of animals is a very hot topic especially in summer and those who follow me know how I think about it.

Maybe it’s just because few days ago I unexpectedly lost our family dog who had kept us company for 10 years. An unexpected loss that definitely broke my heart. I have had various animals in my life I have been very lucky because from the goldfish won at the Luna Park, to the cat, to the dog, I was lucky enough to grow up with many friends who change definitely my life.


Save the animals

Lana like the two previous dogs we had, was found or rather her mum was found abandoned in a motorway restaurant and she was pregnant.

The litter was beautiful and Lana had been given to a Milanese fashion woman who nibbled at her first Gucci shoe biten and thought it was better to beat her up and give it back.

When my friend told me about this situation me and my mom decided to adopt Lana.

It is not an easy task, I assure you, to save a traumatized puppy requires a lot of work but above all: LOVE.

And God only knows what love can do and Lana to the honor of truth like all the other animals I took off the street was a faithful dog we all loved very much.

I’m telling you about this to make you understand that when I choose to write about something it is because there is a philosophy behind it that I strongly believe in. Because animals in captivity do not always mean something bad but as for the Aquarium of Genoa and other structures of which I was a guest and I had the pleasure of writing about it.

For years the Parc Animalier d’Introd has also been involved in keeping and saving animals that are no longer able to live freely in nature.


Introd Animal Park

Some of the animals present in the Introd Animal Park come from other Italian and European zoos, therefore they are already born and raised in captivity, they are absolutely not taken and captured in nature!

Other guests of the park instead comes from recovery centers. Although the animals may have recovered a large part of the accident and / or illness they still have some small problems and consequently a poor chance of survival in nature.

In the Introd Animal Park they find people who take care of them and food at their disposal. All the animals in the park are checked daily by the park staff and periodically by a veterinarian and by the competent health authority such as U.S.L. V.d.A. and the experimental zooprophylactic institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. Ce.R.M.A.S. Animals also have at their disposal spaces specially designed to measure by a wildlife technician.

Every year we record numerous births during the months of May, June and July, synonymous with animal welfare and good management of them.

Some of them are trained in falconry and are therefore followed daily by a falconer.



The fauna of the Introd Animal Park



The guests of the Introd Animal Park are hedgehogs, chamois, ibex, deer, roe deer, wild boar, marmots, foxes, badgers, squirrels, eagles and some species of birds of prey!

Introd Animal Park is the 1st and only Wildlife Park of Valle d’Aosta, is located a few minutes from Aosta and is easily accessible by car.

Regarding the path in the park, is about 2 km on foot. If you like to admire the wonders of this magical place you must observe small rules such as not to run and not to scream, respecting the life of the animals that are living in the park!



I absolutely recommend it to families!

The route is easy, there are clean bathrooms within easy reach and also two picnic areas where you can enjoy the excellent sandwiches of the internal kiosk!

As for me it is a must if you are in the surroundings of Aosta, definitely an experience that your children will always remember!


Post written in collaboration with Regione autonoma Valle d’Aosta

For info and reservations call Introd Animal Park +39 016595982


Thanks to the Department of Education and Culture and all the Park staff for their kind welcome!



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