Goldozi: Afghan elegance in Milan


Goldozi: Afghan elegance in Milan

In the previous article about Goldozi I tried to explain as much as possible what embroidery is for a woman and specifically what it meant and what it means today to embroider and then be able to work, especially for a woman in Afghanistan.

Backstage Goldozi with Hassina Ghani

After this week I went back home with a heart full of emotions and eyes still fixed on those looks. Each of them could write a whole book about the pain, the renunciation and the frustrations they have suffered in a life lived in a country that is still at war today.

We gathered in a lobby of a hotel in the heart of Milan, to say goodbye and tell us how the Goldozi event had gone, but each of us knew that the return home was around the corner. A return home that for me is only an hour and a half drive to get my baby back while for them is a plane that will take them to a gray land devastated by bombing.

Hassina Ghani embroideries

“The day before I left I went to my tailor and he was without light, he ironed my clothes by heating the iron with fire” these are the words of Hassina Ghani

I found myself almost in his words thinking about when in 2005 I was living in Dubai and going to my Indian tailor in deira to have the clothes set up for the photo shoots. I remember the heat, the smell and the effort to explain to him how I wanted the finishing touches. And that’s nothing if you think about doing it in Kabul, where bombs can go off any second! And so, deep down, I understand even more the extreme value of every single piece of embroidered cloth that I’ve had in my hands these days.

Zolaykha Sherzad, Zarif Design

See the love you can, just look these women in the eyes, in their gestures, their fingers gliding light on embroidered yarns, their hands moving their hair elegantly from the face, their look as they say “thank you” while you help them dress a model. All normal things for someone like me who has lived in Milan and in fashion we find for years, a unique opportunity instead for them that every embroidery has a complicated history behind.


I believe that today there is really need of people who create wonderful things despite being surrounded by a landscape devastated by hatred, this is true creativity, this is true passion, this is true love.

Princess Soraya Malek of Afghanistan

Elegance is the mirror of the soul. That’s what I’ve learned these days, thanks to everyone!

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