Get married during Covid time


To cancel or not to cancel?


Ok, finally I can write about it.


I don’t know why I was waiting, maybe just because sometimes you wanna keep good memories just for you.

But it’s good to share I think as now many people are facing the same situation.

We were suppose to get married this year, 2020. Our dream was to get married on the beach don’t know where but surely somewhere here in Asia just the 3 of us. And then of course fly back in Italy and have a party all together with families and friends.

But then we realize in January that it wasn’t the right year to do it (let’s say like this eh) and we decided to do it anyway here in Singapore as we didn’t have other choices.


How is get married during Covid time?

Most of the people thinks that the biggest decision is already to get married with your loved one. But I can say for sure that during this pandemic we have to face another challenge.

It’s easy to jump in that loop of party, dj, food, friends, invitations, dresses, honeymoon and so on. But its not that easy realize that “oops” you cannot have all this..!

Getting married during Covid means No party, No families, No friends, No beach, Nothing of all what you thoughts for years…!

But you know what? after such a wedding you can definitely say that it’s true love!


My wedding experience during Covid

The beach that I was dreaming was Singapore asphalt’s and the party was a pizza and gin tonic.

It was quick, in a hot Singapore sunny day and definitely strange!

But it was the best day of my life.

I hear many times brides and groom that complain for this tough situation and quite often the main issue is “I don’t wanna get married wearing masks!”


There’s no mask that can cover your love, trust me!


Actually in that situation we realize instead how was strange to do this important thing without our parents and beloved friends but we don’t mind at all. We love each other and we never had any doubt to cancel or not.

Because if you love somebody there’s no right place or moment to get married, there’s plenty of time to do a party in your hole life!


Love is enogh and personally I can say that If you need a party to celebrate your love, maybe it’s better to think more about it!


face masks by @almaluboutique


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