Face masks: the fashion accessory of 2020


Fashion has always drawn inspiration from what’s going on in the world and
in 2020 it still work in the same way.
Even before the coronavirus was reported in December 2019, avant-garde
fashion designers had already included a new accessory in their
collections: the face mask.

Face masks: the fashion accessory of 2020

This trend has established itself and fashion enthusiasts are wearing them
more than ever to continue to express their “fashion personalities”.

Due to the pandemic situation, people all over the world has to wear face
masks today. And as surgical masks are currently difficult to find many
people (like me) started to make their own.

I still remember the day that I went out just a walk while sadly crying inside.
Coronavirus was spreading in Italy and I was desperate in Singapore
thinking about my Italian family and friends.


“Every problem has a solution” I was thinking.
“I have to do something”.


I sent a lot of surgical masks in Italy in the past few months but most of
them didn’t even reach their destinations as the local custom is stopping

I was walking thinking and crying when suddenly I passed by a shop of stitching machine.

Like a crazy one I went in and I got one. The lady provides me everything
and I ran back home feeling a crazy happiness in my heart.


AL.MA.LU be safe with style

I started like this: stitching and trying and adjusting masks on my face.
And then I started to stitch a mask for my daughter and then for my husband.

I’ve dressed a lot of celebrities in my last 15 years of fashion careers. I always
worked with this passion for express personality of artists, singers,
celebrities. I was the one taking care of their dreams and letting them to express
theirselves throw their outfits.


So now finally I’m doing something totally by myself, to let people be safe
with style.

We have to cover our face but there’s no virus that can cover our personality!


AL.MA.LU face masks design

As a design and fitting perfectionist, I developed AL.MA.LU face mask pattern over weeks to create the most confortable and flattering mask possible. And I’m still working on it!

Today my AL.MA.LU face mask designs already hugs the contours of the face and I have 4 different fittings to guarantee the perfect fit to everybody:


-man design

-woman and teenagers designs

-young kids (7-12 years old)

-small kids (2-6 years old)

AL.MA.LU small kid design

I can proudly say that AL.MA.LU face masks are 100% Italian design, made with love in Singapore!

AL.MA.LU safety

AL.MA.LU tailor made face masks


AL.MA.LU face masks are all reusable, 100% top quality cotton in double layers that guarantee a very good protection.

We are also working on a solution more “technical” that will give to our product a higher protection for specific ennemy.

Pleanty of ideas and work in progress… I will talk about other incoming new things another time 😉


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