Coronavirus, all the truth from Singapore


Coronavirus, all the truth from Singapore


I’ve been letting everyone talk for weeks. Newspapers, my distant loved ones, friends more or less close, who more or less are saying its opinion. At more or less regular intervals between a Sanremo outfit and some Oscars you all spoke.
While we are here, on the other side of the world, incredulous and shocked by what is happening in this country we love: Asia.


Singapore and the Coronavirus Novel


There are a few clarifications that I would like to make: Singapore is not in China, Singapore is a city-state that is fighting in an absolutely autonomous way this evil that is leading everyone to reality. Because you cannot fight viruses with more points playing Super Mario Bros, or with your money.

Viruses affect everyone, they don’t look anyone in the face, and there’s no company, family or family name they may consider.


Viruses don’t care, they just attack.


Coronavirus: not all almonds are “chinese”


I feel obliged to clarify one more thing.
There are a lot of people in the world with almond-shaped eyes, and that doesn’t mean they’re all Chinese. The Asians are many, Asia if you want to look at the globe for a moment you can see that it is a vast continent made up of several “countries”.



Therefore, if you meet a person with almond eyes instead of spitting in his face ask where it comes from and if maybe (I say maybe) It’s really from China because maybe instead of a spit it deserves humanity because it will surely have someone at home somewhere in Asia in the middle of the tragedy that we are all seeing on TV.

Coronavirus, the power of communication


I am suffering a lot, and not because I am afraid of the virus but because I am seriously afraid of the humanity (or not humanity) that I see on television, on social media, that I read in the newspapers online and offline. And I have the good fortune to write these words from Singapore that is very safe and lucky place having someone that is protecting it properly.


For years I have worked in communication in various areas and now more than ever I touch the power of this “channel” that if done in the wrong way can throw panic to incalculable levels.
A wrong newspaper article, a bad title, an image placed in the wrong way or published on the wrong channel can create really irretrievable damage.
I could put here several and various links but I avoid for professional reasons.
Please stop, read well, check sources and especially remember to be human before anything else.
We are small in the face of existence and we act like cool guys just because we have the latest iPhone model and we think we can control the world when instead comes an infinitely small but extremely powerful virus.
But remember that in the face of life, death, disease, we are all equal.

I am in Asia, I feel more at home here than elsewhere and I root for this country and its people.


Thank you.

Singapore PM Lee

If you wanna read Pm Lee’s speech to his population CLICK HERE

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