Cempedak: where luxury meets sustainability


Cempedak: where luxury meets sustainability


If there’s one thing we’re definitely losing sight of, this is the value of time. We usually spend our days running and often we find ourselves with months behind where our time has been invested in work and duties and definitely not much time for the most important things.like family, children, friends, our loved one.
As a mom and as a woman I try to make sure that my time is well balanced and after a summer totally dedicated to family, I decided to dedicate a few days to my loved one!


Why did I choose Cempedak?


I have choosen Cempedak because it is a system total sustainable: the hair in the wind, no masks needed, no make up, no bras balconette. You really can be yourself  here feeling part of the nature. You can forget about the hard office shoes usually you wear when you go to the office. Also the tight tie around your neck or the business suit. Forget those forced expressions in front of your most important client.

It’s just you and the person you’ve decided to take with you.

Cempedak private Island

In this magical island the privacy is well protected until  you can wake up and dive naked directly into the pool. The maximum of distraction could be  the sound of some strange bird or some boat passing offshore.

Also listening music which usually I like here it seems a pity because the sound  of the sea waves is so pleasant that when you’ll leave the island this sound will be still part of you and you actually still can hear it like a sweet song.

There are few places in the world which touched my heart: Cempedak  will be one of those. And not for the sun, the beach, the pool or for the crazy villa but simply for its “emotions”.


Cempedak Private Island

Cempedak private Island


The thrill of discovering from a far by boat the roofs of Bamboo rising from the forest of the distant island, the smile of the islanders who welcoming you with open arms. On this island everything is an experience: the taste of zero kilometer food, Balinese massages in the spa built on the rocks by the sea, the sweet voice of girls who ask you if you want more coffee.

Cempedak private Island

The happiness? The sparkle in the eyes of the person you love who is there by your side to live together all this splendor of nature.

Cempedak and its sustainability

Every day our life is attacked by advertising, stories, messages to push you more and more,lights, clothes, breathtaking architecture.
When you arrive in Cempedak you see only beautiful things, everything is in harmony with nature and it was great to discover the beauty of this island also  its commitment of the sustainability!

Cempedak private Island

Cempedak has created a totally sustainable backstage where a hundred people who composed the staff are daily making that food.

Plastic and glass are not wasted or lost in the environment but they become part of a recycling system where man and nature work together for a simple but important concept: the “no waste”.


Cempedak private island


This island is a true example of sustainability: since day 1 they are all working to restore the reef. I’ll never forget the incredulous eyes of those two people from the staff who saw me on the beach helping them to collect  some plastic.

Cempedak private Island


Because here the beaches are cleaned by them several times a day.The plastic is gathered and removed from the sea to become part of the above mentioned recycling process.

Cempedak private Island

I’ll never forget those smiling faces when I see them running up against me happy to get rid of those remains by throwing them in their bag.

Thanks Ma’am.

I will carry it in my heart, with everything else, because Cempedak is a real experience of Life.
An island where luxury meets sustainability…

Cempedak private Island

… and where at 6 pm local staff and clients can play all together barefoot football like a unique family!


Post written in collaboration with Cempedak Island

member of: The Long Run

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